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How To: Create a sliding door button on your website

While sliding doors is far from a new concept and will be obsoleted once we see wider support for multiple backgrounds (CSS3), it is still a good one for your bag-of-tricks. The theory is that if we have an extra hook in our markup, we can apply two overlapping background images to a single spot of text. When that text grows or shrinks, these overlapping images and reveal more of themselves creating the illusion it is a single expandable graphic. In this video screencast, we do a quickly exam...

How To: Format a CSS website

Being organized and using good formatting in your CSS files can save you lots of time and frustration during your development process and especially during troubleshooting. The multi-line format makes it easy to browse attributes but makes your file vertically very long. The single-line format keeps your file vertically short which is nice for browsing selectors, but it's harder to browse attributes. You can also choose how you want to group your CSS website statements. Do you do it by sectio...

How To: Use basic HTML with Notepad

This is an introduction to HTML using Notepad. While some prefer to use a WYSIWYG editor, HTML can be a great benefit if you want to modify your MySpace profile, embed video clips on your blog, etc. The second part of this video series expands on using HTML, introduces a WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor into the mix, and gives a basic introduction to Microsoft Front Page.

How To: Use expressions in SSIS

Expressions are new in SSIS (meaning that they were not in DTS) but they allow you to create extremely flexible packages. Expressions can be used to assign values to variables, help you determine whether to execute a task, and to assign properties. If you ever found yourself writing ActiveX code (VBScript) in DTS to determine which task to execute based on a variable's value, then you probably can forego the scripting all together in favor of expressions! They are very powerful in SSIS and yo...

How To: Use JOIN vs. UNION in SQL

So many newbies to Transact-SQL have difficulties determing when to use a UNION or a JOIN to satisy their query. This video teaches you some guidelines to help you quickly and easily identify whether your query will likely need to become a JOIN or UNION. Disclaimer: these are just guidelines and they will not work in every situation but they are applicable for most SQL developers most of the time.

How To: Improve video search by parsing video & text

This is a Google Tech Talk from March, 26 2008. Timothee Cour - Research Scientist lectures. Movies and TV are a rich source of highly diverse and complex video of people, objects, actions and locales "in the wild". Harvesting automatically labeled sequences of actions from video would enable creation of large-scale and highly-varied datasets. To enable such collection, we focus on the task of recovering scene structure in movies and TV series for object/person tracking and action retrieval. ...

How To: Use the Lego Mindstorms NXT Editor

The Lego Mindstorms system may seem like a toy at first, but it is actually a very powerful robotics system used by universities, schools, hobbiests, and kids alike. Learn how to use the Lego Mindstorms NXT editing and programming software to program movements for your robot. Use the Lego Mindstorms NXT Editor.

How To: Program the light sensor on a Lego Mindstorms robot

The light sensor on a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot can be used to help the robot navigate obstacles or follow light sources. Learn how to program light sensors and the calibration program in the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics system using movement blocks within the NXT programming environment. Program the light sensor on a Lego Mindstorms robot.

How To: View sensor data from a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot

If you want your Lego Mindstorms NXT robot to function as accurately as possible youneed to understand how to get data from the viewing sensors via the NXT brick. Learn how to use the NXT brick and the NXT programming environment to view and change light, sound, or touch sensor data on a Lego Mindstorms Robot. View sensor data from a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot.