How To: Program in Delphi

Program in Delphi

Ever wanted to become a programmer? This Delphi Training Series: Programming 101 is a sequence of training videos designed to teach the complete beginner how to become a programmer using Delphi.
Episode 1 and 2: the viewer is shown where they can download the free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) known as Turbo Delphi, as well as how to get it installed and registered.
Episode 3: explores simple game design
Episode 4: introduces the concept of variables.
Episode 5: the viewer is exposed to the world of Procedures and Functions
Episode 6 and 7: covering DLLs, handles, the BASS library, and all steps required to write the foundation of a simple MP3 player
Episode 8: take a short break away from the MP3 player we were writing to introduce you to a new aspect of programming: The IF statement
Episode 9: is another theory-driven exploration, stepping away from the MP3 player to take a look at looping and how it works inside of Object Pascal
Episode 10: Supplemental Delphi training video giving a sneak peek at the enhancements made to the simple MP3 player.

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